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I have recently picked up the brush (a real one not a digital one). I haven't done any real traditional paintings since college and even then it was only a few acrylics done in first year. I decided to try working with oils, and it has been immensely rewarding. My first painting tentatively named "Finding light" has been submitted, and I plan on doing more paintings very soon (abstract landscapes). I would love to get your feed back on these submissions!
I have been trying to do some daily sketch/paints in Photoshop as I have been so long out of touch with that aspect of my art. Getting back into it hasn't exactly been like "riding a bike" but the daily (or rather semi-weekly) quick paints are helping. I will be including some in my scrap book… if anyone is interested in seeing them, they are certainly far from being full featured deviations but any comments you have are - as always welcome. These are done in Photoshop taking anywhere from 10min to 45min or so.
So my last entry on DA is in 2007, I need to get my shit together. I am working at the art thing again, but I have really fallen off the track and need to get back into shape so to speak. I hope to be posting some art soon... but then again I have said that before.


Steeldolphin (aka Chris Arlidge)
Seriously though, at least I added a new deviation ;)
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I haven't been around much or at all in a while, nor have I completed any new works. My website has fallen into horrible disrepair, projects like vectortown and others have been shelved and I find myself somewhat complacent in attempting to fix any of it. I have been so distracted with work and other things lately that art/design for myself has become non existant. Hopefully this will change.

There are so many things I want to do but have so little motivation to actually do it.

Sorry about not getting back to the notes, messages, etc that have piled up here in my account. I thank you all for vfisiting and taking the time to comment and leave me kind words.

I will be trying to get more art completed in the future, but I have made that promise before. :)

I had the opportunity to interview CrisVector over at vectortown so drop on by if you get a chance and learn a bit more about this fantastic illustrator!
VECTORTOWN.COM is an art coummunity for Vector Artists. I have some big things planned for this site. Right now we just have a
basic recruitment site open - for gathering names and emails of interested members and for information on the project.
The community is currently under development and isnt expected to be fully released until next fall. Please take a visit and check it out, and if you are a vector artist, sign up!

Thanks. :)
I just wanted to apologize to the people who have me on their i have been trying to get a few works in for prints, and I guess the process resubmits the work so if you are seeing stuff you already have sorry about that :) I think I finally figured this system out :)


Just had to add this to change my last journal entry - it was horribly outdated, as I am sure in time this one will be as well.


Just had to add this to change my last journal entry - it was horribly outdated, as I am sure in time this one will be as well.


Wow. I am honored, and very pleased to have recieved the daily deviation. Thanks to ~DragonDude13 for the suggestion and the staff at DA. :)

It inspires me to do more work!

Also if you are bored feel free to visit… the Steel Dolphin Art Community has been revived.
I thought I would post up some of my recent works. I have taken down some of the other stuff from gallery, I might put them back up...not sure. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the new work.

Also if you are bored feel free to visit the Steel Dolphin Art Community has been revived. :)

Well I have been getting back into the art thing...been busy with the day to day work thing as well. Now just to get my shit together and do some more art. :)
Been out of the devart loop as of late...I will try to post up some more stuff soon.